Junkie Dramas - From SK

Hi Prisoners Families Voices/Prison Widow...
I'm a recovering heroin addict and an ex-con. I'm divorced and now live on my own. My wife left me when I was in active addiction. I was given chances after chances and blew every one of them.
I disappeared for days, even weeks on end and my only priority was my next fix.
Addiction is a family disease and I say this because it doesn't just harm the user, it hurts everyone around them. 
I have been reading a lot of posts on your blog recently and it pains me to say this, but thousands of families are enabling their loved ones in prison. 
When a person in active addiction goes to prison, rattles and detoxes, I can say through experience that it is nearing on 100 percent that they will use again whilst they are in prison. ABC or D, the category does not matter, drugs are available if you've got the readies and the readies come from the people you love. I read Prison Widow's article in Inside Time, Hit the Road Smack, and she is right in the sense that heroin evaporates your soul. The more I thought about screwing up my life and families life, the more drugs I wanted to numb the pain. When I used more drugs, I did not have to think about my irresponsible actions, heroin blocked my stupidity and I was happy as Larry hanging out with my my druggie friends. But as soon as I went to prison, and after I rattled, the first person I wrote to was my wife because druggies aren't your friends, they are people with a means to an end. Drug users use each other simply for drugs. 
I remember talking to my ex wife once on a prison visit. She said she would have rather have lost me to another woman than a bag of heroin because she would have been able to make some sense of it... There is no point trying to understand a drug addict because unless you are an addict, you will NEVER understand how they tick. 
I watched Ben's Diary last year when I googled You Tube documentaries. The guy has my full respect and the film should be used for educational purposes. 
It is hard hitting, but so what, people need to know what this drug does to individuals and their families. It is a real life video diary of someone tortured by brown. (Heroin slang) 
His father could not retire because he was enabling his son's addiction. His Mum was at her wits end and other family members/friends were helpless. 
I am glad my wife walked away in the sense that she found peace and no longer had to put up with the junkie drama. Addicts always have dramas or invent them to swindle a tenner out of family members! 
It is a sad state of affairs alright!