Let Him Serve His Sentence Alone - from DB

I agree with absolutely everything guest blogger has said.
Me and my husband have tried for 10 years to knock some sense in to our son but our caring love, parenting love and tough love has got us nowhere.
He has been in prison twice and is currently on bail ready to go to prison for a third time. My husband and I have had enough and we have taken the very hard decision not to support him if he does go to prison again. The whole drugs thing is taking its toll on our health and we cannot do this anymore. Our son is a heroin addict and we are fighting a losing battle. It angers me when I read leaflets saying that families should remain in contact with their loved ones in prison because our situation is one that has never got better even when we have visited him previously through two sentences and gave him all the love and support we could possibly give him. I am not saying that me and my husband are turning our backs completely but in order to recover from this hellish nightmare ourselves, we need time to heal and recover. Our son is killing himself and it is only a matter of time before one of us has to visit the morgue to identify him. He has already had numerous abscesses and his arms and legs are bruised and marked heavily through injecting. He falls asleep during meals so ends up not eating them and his personal hygiene is poor. He flits from our family home to his druggie friends and they too lead exceptionally poor lifestyles because their only love is the drug. We've had to let go and hand him over to the greater powers because our family unit cannot help him no more. Which smart ass (excuse my french) said families can play a part in reducing re-offending? Have they ever lived with a drug addict who is addicted to the most powerful drug known to mankind? 
Heroin changes the brain and how it works forever! The magistrates distribute addicts with drug treatment programmes and in the meantime families are shoved to one side with no support whatsoever. Drug workers will tell you nothing because of data protection law so we are left to deal with the drama and the trouble at our doors. As for probation officers? Our dealings have been a waste of time. The last thing I want to do now is visit another prison.What I really want to do is jump on a plane and let him serve his prison sentence alone.