No Intention of Resettlement - By Guest Blogger and Ex-Offender

I wouldn't mind a plastic card that fits neatly inside my purse compartment. It goes by the name of a, Blagger Card'. It's a pass to sit among ditherers who are failing miserably to run the country. 
I'm an ex-convict who has paid the mortgages of; barristers, probation officers; housing officers; drug treatment workers and health care assistants - whoops, and don't forget the screws.
My Father always said to me; "if you don't like what goes on in prison, stop going in it". 
I am 4 years and 6 months clean of a heroin and crack cocaine addiction. The consequences of poisoning my body and mind was prison. I always ended up inside even when I thought I was doing well - which of course I never was because no one 'does well' in active addiction - you just exist in a community called, Pond Life. 
Drug/alcohol offences are offences that keep the system ticking over nicely. To keep it running even smoother; there are drugs in prison. 
MP's fob in to the commons with their Blagger Cards and chat nonsense about re-offending and how they can combat it. They can't combat it therefore they blag the public in to thinking that families of offenders can miraculously save the day. Well as one poster on your blog points out, families aren't paid to run the country, the people we vote for are; therefore it is they who need to unravel the mess and the mess will continue to pile up as long as drugs are dancing in our communities. 
I remember watching a programme on drugs in prison. It mainly featured families and friends of inmates smuggling drugs in on visits. My opinion on that is; put prisoners on closed visits for 6 months and see how drugs are getting in!
I won't go in to it in detail, but you see where I am coming from? Eliminate family and friends and get to the nitty gritty. 
Politicians have no idea and Politicians do not want to lower the crime rate. 
Please read how Switzerland treats its heroin addicts - HERE
The UK are way way way behind. The drug treatment orders do not work - if they did there would be a reduction in crime and since there isn't and more prisons are being built, I rest my case. Please remember I am not only an ex-con, I am a recovering drug addict and I never recovered in prison and I have been in prison 5 times for drug related offences. 
MP's, especially the Tories, claim that the crime rate has lowered. That's what they tell us and the public believe it because these are politicians who are in the know. It is utter garbage and the bins are overflowing with stench! No one has a bloody clue what to do and as long as offenders keep rolling in to prison in droves, people are in jobs. Rehabilitation and resettlement is a blag. 
One other thing my Father said to me was; "Only you can prevent yourself from going to prison". It took me a while but I was sick of contributing to my probation officers wage because my probation officer as far as I was concerned didn't earn his money or support me as a client. I was fed up of contributing to prison officer wages because some of them took the piss and were jobsworths with no life experience. Some drug workers were the same. They meant well but they'd never been drug addicts themselves so as far as understanding goes, they were clueless. They knew the health risk and treatment side of things but unless they'd used themselves, they had no idea about the mental health aspect of addiction and the heavy cravings that go with it. 
It is all a blag and if you look clearly at the picture and figure out the story behind it, you too will see it as clear as day.