No One Can Help You But You - From Former Drug Addict

Hey Guys! 
I am 15 months clean of heroin. I have been in prison 3 times.
I committed crime purely to fund my addiction. 
Before I became hooked to heroin, I never even contemplated shop lifting and burglary. I am 15 months clean and I have no desire to commit crime because I don't need drugs. 
Need I go further because this isn't rocket science.
If I relapsed, there is a very high chance I will commit crime. Drug addicts do not think rationally and the only thing addicts think about is scoring their next high. If you do not have money to get that high, you will beg, borrow and steal even off your own family. 
Let me ask your readers a question please... Why aren't drugs legal? Think about it... they aren't legal in this country because the system needs to make money and keep people in jobs so a smack head, junkie, druggie, or whatever you want to call us, are good earners for those sitting behind desks dealing with us. Like I said in the beginning, it is not rocket science. 
There is no such thing as prisoner resettlement or rehabilitation. I will always be an addict and my road to recovery will be a long one but I am lone working and the devil is on my shoulders, not my probation officers, not my girlfriends and not my drug worker. No one can help you but you.