No Support For Families Living With Drug Users - From A

Hi Prison Widow. I would like to submit a contribution please.
I too am confused as to why the authorities think that families can reduce 
re-offending; especially families of those who are in prison for substance abuse offences. My brother has been a heroin user for 8 years and just like Ben's family in the documentary you featured on your site; my family are as equally caring. 
As long as my brother uses heroin, he will be in and out of prison for the rest of his life. As a family, we have tried everything to help him to quit drugs but he relapses and relapses time and time again. He still doesn't quit when he hits rock bottom so what else as a family can we do? 
He has a 12 year old daughter who is beautiful and he still cannot or will not stop using heroin. 
I read an article stating that prisoner's who come from a stable family are less likely to re-offend. Imagine how my parents felt when they read that garbage?
My brother is an absolute walking nightmare and we are relieved when he is in prison. At least when he disappears for 6 months at a time we know where he is. 
There is absolutely no help or support for families in our situation. I too find it disgusting that it is said that families can reduce re-offending. Does this actually apply to families with a drug user in their lives?