No Support for Prison Release - From Anon2

Dear Blog Admin.
I have a partner in prison and he is due to be released in August this year. He has been in prison for 2 years.
When he got sent to prison he was addicted to cocaine and has kept his head down and as far as I know has been clean in prison. Before he was arrested my life with him was awful. He would disappear for days, sometimes weeks on end and it made me ill. When he went to prison I was relieved in a way because I found some peace and worked on getting myself better. I didn't realize how much of a bad impact his drug addiction had on me.
He has reassured me that when he gets out he will stay off the drugs but I am scared and already feel my anxiety kicking in because it is getting closer to him coming home. I don't want to live my life walking on egg shells again and watching every move he makes. His mates still do coke and I am dreading him hooking up with them. I know this is my choice but I am nervous about him coming home. There is no support out here for families preparing for the release of their loved ones. It always focuses on the prison side of things and when they go to prison.