Prison's will always be awash with drugs - from Anonymous

I read the blog post, enabling my partner in prison  and just cried! 
The post was just so me and I enabled my husband too when he was in jail! 
When he first went to prison I was devastated but honestly thought that jail would 'cure' his drug problem. (Opiates) 
Once opiate free, he would see what a fool he'd been. 
He and I have two beautiful bright children and a lovely home. 
He screwed up but I am a great believer in second chances so I stood by him.
Every week I sent him some of my hard earned cash so he could buy snacks and toiletries, or so I thought... 
I spent hundreds of pounds on making sure he had clothes and trainers and I spent hundreds of pounds travelling to and fro to visit him. 
One night whilst I was out with friends, a woman approached me and told me that my husband had been writing to her. She was angry that he had suddenly stopped communication with her and said she had sent him money every week. I had no idea so I confronted him and he admitted to it. He said she was just a pen-pal and there was nothing in it.
Obviously there was something in it because he'd had money off her!
Long story short, I found out he'd been using opiates in prison. 
I had all the 'i'll change I promise you' letters and within 2 hours of being released from prison, he went to the shop for some milk and returned 48 hours later! 
Heroin addicts are manipulator's and liars and there's no third chances with me. The system complains that prison's are awash with drugs, but unless tougher regimes and sentences are introduced, prison's will still be awash with drugs ten years from now! 
I burnt my hand many years ago through messing around with lighters. I didn't do it again. Prisoners though seem to go back to prison time and time again so quite clearly it is not working and whilst it is not working, how in God's name can people say that families are the key to reducing offending? I think it is an insult!