Probation Serve No Purpose - From Isal

Hi.. please can I reply to the post about probation. Probation Role. 
Probation Officers probably do a whole lot more than what we give them credit for but on the face of it all we see is drab quickie appointments and recalls. These days whenever I ring my probation officer, she's either on annual leave, in a meeting or with a client and I give up ringing them. I just turn up for my appointment so I don't get recalled back to prison and that is pretty much it. I have no personal issue with my probation officer but I don't get why I attend these appointments. I know part of their role is to protect the public but come on.. a quickie appointment doesn't achieve that now does it? I read the probation matters blog and can't make end of tail of it but from an ex offenders prospective.. and a client of theirs.. probation isn't working and to be quite frank, the Police could scribble a signing in signature and offer a few pleasantries before sending you on your way. The only thing my probation officer has done is enroll me on drug courses and more courses which aren't constructive because as an ex drug user, I'm sat with junkies who don't give a flying **** and are just there half nodding because if they don't show up they go back to jail. My partner had the home visit before I was released which again is something the Police or social workers can do. 
Probation don't engage with my partner and never did whilst I was in prison so basically they know nothing about our relationship and background. 
My partner knows me more than anyone, we've been together the best part of 15 years so for a probation officer (a stranger) to assess my living arrangements and environment is laughable. Even when I was in prison they didn't respond to my partners phone calls and couldn't tell her, this, that and the other, but did a home visit a few weeks before I got released? It's a load of crap! Having said that, some probation officers must be frustrated because with all due respect, you need to go through the mill with qualifications to be a probation officer.. but for what? Like I said on the face of it they don't do much for ex offenders so I am assuming their time is taken up pen pushing. 
No disrespect, but all that's thrown in my face is 'I am responsible for my own actions'. I am yes.. so why do I need a probation officer then? What purpose do they serve apart from faxing the MOJ recalling people back to prison? As I said, I have no issue with my probation officer and she probably works her arse off but she does not make a slight bit of difference to my resettlement. Sorry to say it but it's true. The Probation Service need to listen to their clients. We keep them in employment when all said and done so the politics and the issues surrounding the system make no odds to me. We are the clients.. they are the workers. From Isal