Recipe for Disaster - From Ex Con K

4,000 more inmates by 2030?? I am in stitches! More like 4,000 more EU inmates by 2017!!
You are lucky if you get to share a pad with a British national these days and excuse me; no; I am not being racist and I am pointing out fact!!
I was banged up with a foreign national who could not speak a word of the Queens and we communicated by signing and miming. He was alright but some kids in prison have learning difficulties and cannot read or write so it is a recipe for disaster!!! The majority of screws struggle with language barriers and it is all time consuming with the 'me no speak English' thing. Now if you are chatting rehabilitation; before you even start with all that; we've got kids who aren't educated and foreign nationals who don't speak English!! Happy rehabilitation I say; and about the seven new nicks?? Stick another 3 or 4 on the list because you are gonna need them Mr Prime Minister!! It's a pansy system!!