Reducing Re-offending? What a Joke! - From KK

I have to laugh out loud whenever I read articles about families reducing 
re-offending! It is a complete cop out by a failing system! 
My son is an heroin addict and a prolific offender. He comes from a wonderful family and each and everyone of us have tried interventions. 
Heroin changes the chemicals in your brain therefore it's overall diagnosis is brain disease. Heroin addicts are sick, they are mentally ill and no form of family support will prevent an heroin addict from committing crime to feed their habit. Professionals and governing bodies are passing the buck because they do not know how to remedy the drug situation in our country. So what they have simply said is - families can reduce re-offending. It is utter bull crap and they know it. It's another one of those 'wriggling out of responsibilities' by the Government! 
My family have stopped giving my son money. Heroin addicts are liars and are deceitful. The loving son I once had has long gone. Heroin is his first love and may possibly be his last. His drug induced brain is alerted forever. 
What I would like to ask the professionals is this; how do families reduce 
re-offending or does this bright idea apply only to non-drug user offenders? 
It is absolutely disgusting that the Government are pitching their inane ideas to prisoners families charities and organisations because good luck to any family who can 'stop' their drug addicted loved one from committing crime!