Sign on and Leave - From JEG

I would like to reply to the probation post. I'm not a probation officer but have had many dealings with them over the years.
Once upon a time a probation officer got quite heavily involved with an offender and many changed people's life's. 
I'll sum it up from my own perspective and say that these days probation officers are just simply bogged down with paperwork. My local probation office seems to have a massive turnover of staff and people are being bounced from pillar to post. I see different probation officers every time I go and I have no interest in talking to them so I go to my appointments in order not to get recalled. It really is that simple.
I've had help off other agencies so please search around and ask about support groups in your area but it is down to the individual whether or not they want to stay out of jail. It's your choice when all said and done.
As for probation, just turn up sign on and leave. That's all they are there for.