Stop Patronising Families of Offenders - From Ivy

I "helped" my partner, now my ex partner, for 12 months when he came out of prison. 
Little did I know was that he was fleecing me.
I am in debt with my council tax, credit cards and in rent arrears. 
He walked out of his job, left his son and is now smacked out of his head every day sleeping at a number of houses commonly known as drug dens. 
I feel so ill and worried yet no one is chasing him! No one is knocking on drug den doors and most of them are claiming DLA and every benefit they can muster out of the system and some of them actually receive more money than me who is having to work over 50 hours a week to survive. 
So for everyone who says that families can reduce re-offending is talking through their backsides! If you want to support your loved ones then fine, but if they relapse watch your back because the government will not support the families who have tried to support their partners, daughter's and son's etc!
If the Government want to reduce re-offending, the government need to up their game instead of passing the book over to families who have tried and tried and then some! Sort the system out and stop taking the p**s out of families of offenders!