Supporting People with Dementia in Prison - From Alyce

Hi. My Dad is in prison and he is showing signs of dementia. Health professionals have told me that it is likely alcohol induced dementia has over the years he had drank heavily.
He is only in his late 50's and I have seen a change in him when I have visited him. He struggles to get some words out and does appear distant at times. He is being assessed at the moment. 
I am worried about the level of care he will receive in prison as I have read and researched a lot on dementia. I also have experience with the illness because my gramps died of it and my Mum used to be his carer. He became quite aggressive and spent his last days in a care home.
Does anyone know what level of support people with dementia have in prison?
Do prison officers have training in these areas? I am writing to you because I am worried that my Dad will be forgotten about and other prisoners might not understand his illness?