The System is Already Screwed - From Serving Prisoner (CAT D)

Hello Prison Widow. Didn't know you had your own blog which is superb. I read all your stuff in Inside Time.
I'm on home leave from Cat D and nearly ready to be released. 
The EU thing and 4,000 more EU prisoners by 2030 is funny. 
The country and the system is already shot at no matter which way anyone votes. It makes no odds to me. 
One of the lads has wrote about language barriers in prison and I agree with him. The screws are overworked and short staffed so the drug situation and scum that sell it are laughing all the way to the bank! There are prisoners in our system that are making a killing inside whilst they are serving time! How's that a deterrent?
The likes of Duncan-Smith don't tell the newspapers that do they? Seriously it is a joke and whilst I have no intention of going back to prison when I get out, it wouldn't scare me to go back if needs must. 
Keep your blog rolling! It's good to read some earthy stuff for a change!