Welcome Back to Prison! - From TSOME

Dear All. I do not know where to start but I'll try my best.
My partner died of an heroin overdose 16 months ago. He was a prolific offender and the crimes he committed was purely to fund his addiction. 
Six months before he passed away, I left him because his addiction was bringing me down. You cannot love someone to change but it had taken me ten years to figure that one out. 
I can't tell you how many prison's I have visited over the years but there has been quite a lot. That depressed me too because it seemed to be never ending. 
When I left him he died six months later and his family in a way blamed me for turning my back on him. But what could I do? Carry on enabling him and making myself even more depressed? Anyone who has lived with addiction will tell you that it is exhausting and chaotic. It's no good and your own health takes a tumble.
I once thought it was easy to say no to drugs. But it isn't that simple for the addict. Addicts especially those addicted to heroin need it in order to function. It gets to a stage where it isn't about the high, heroin addicts need the drug just to feel normal and function. His Mother used to say, "Stupid bastard, why can't he just stop"! 
He used drugs every time he went to prison so it was no big feat getting locked up. Obviously he didn't take drugs to the extent he did on the outside but even so, he was released from prison still addicted to drugs. What's the point sending someone to prison and releasing them with the same mind set?
The system knew they'd see him again so rehabilitation is nothing more than a joke. The system send him to prison because he committed crimes to pay for his drug addiction and the system released him to do it all over again. It's a waste of tax payers money and a waste of time all round. 
It isn't a waste of time in the eyes of the victims of crime but drugs are available in prison anyway so innocent citizens will always come a cropper if a person is desperate for drugs. The knock on effect of addiction is terrible. 
Armed Robbery, theft, burglary, muggings, violence, is all mainly drug addiction induced. 
The UK Government claim that crime rates are dropping which is bull. The crime rate is spiraling and we have to take the Governments word for it. 
I watched Ben's story and I cried my heart out. 
Street level drug dealers are what I call desperado's selling drugs to pay for their own. Those who sell drugs and don't use are the real pieces of shit. 
They are murderers making money out of illegal substances and they tear families apart. As for families of prisoners being at the centre of rehabilitation to reduce re-offending is the biggest load of tripe I've heard.