Young Dementia in Prison's - From a Serving Prisoner

I am writing to you from behind my door. Don't worry, I haven't got the privilege of a lap top or phone in prison, I am communicating via my girlfriend. She prints off some of your blog posts and sends them to me which I find interesting to read. 
One topic of interest is dementia. My Mum passed away this year from vascular dementia so this subject is close to home. I am serving my sentence on a wing where there is a 53 year old guy who has recently been diagnosed with early onset frontal lobe dementia. I for one always associated dementia with the elderly but this is not the case. I have done my homework and alcohol and drug abuse is a contributing factor connected with dementia and people are developing the disease much younger these days.
I speak to the guy with dementia. He craves food and cigarettes and I researched that those diagnosed with frontal lobe, this is a common symptom of the illness. He repeats himself quite a lot too and other prisoners just don't understand the disease and some refer to him as an oddball. It's unfair but there is little education going on in prison that covers dementia. Basically no one gives a shit and everyone is just out for themselves. It's prison, you keep your head down (if you've got any sense) and do your time. 
I won't say why I'm in prison but my crime does not involve sex offences therefore I could work towards supporting vulnerable adults with dementia if I had the support and encouragement to do so. I'll be an ex-con in 2017 (next year) and I don't want to work as a FLT driver! The prison service must think every con wants to drive a FLT because most cons are offered FLT driving courses! Supporting people with dementia would be something I would be good at but no doubt achieving this with a criminal record would be a chore and a half. I've got tattoo's and a skinhead, and to look at me you wouldn't have me down as someone with this interest but don't judge a book by its cover! 
Seeing my Mum disappear in front of me was devastating and I look at the guy on the wing and think, Christ this man is only 6 years older than me and he's been dealt a death sentence. He also makes me think what a **** head I've been for slumming it in jail and wasting my life. He makes me look at myself and he's a wake up call to get my arse in to gear.