EX Heroin User - By Guest Blogger

Dear Prison Widow. Please if I may, I would like to share my story with your readers. 
I am an ex heroin user and I have been clean for 3 years. Every day is still a battle and I have my good days and not so good days. 
I wanted to stop so I did. I wasn't born without a soul; but gear (heroin) snatched it away from me for 8 years. 
I lived in a smack head community with other smack heads and just got on with my tunnel vision scoring junkie lifestyle. It was a roller-coaster I was glad to get off. I paid my respects to 'friends' who overdosed and didn't bother with any of my family until I got locked up. My junkie friends didn't want to know when I was banged up because all they wanted and needed was gear. Junkie friends aren't real friends, they are hangers-on and parasites. I was one of them. 
I read the recent post by a heroin user and whoever that person is has pretty much summed up what heroin addicts are. 
I met a girl who I loved. She had track marks all up her arms and scars on her thighs through abscesses. She never wore t-shirts in summer and worked on the street to fund her habit. I supposedly loved her but obviously she was a means to a fix and earned a few quid as a prostitute so that was my reason for being with her - nothing else. I didn't love myself so I couldn't love anyone else. All I was interested in was my next high, how I'm going to get it and when. 
Heroin is nasty and more fool you if you even think about trying it!