Heroin Addict

Hello. I am writing in because I read a post from someone who felt alone because their dad is a heroin addict.
My dad is a heroin addict too and I found out he was using the drug when I was 13. One day he just left and walked out. 
My Mum was brilliant and tried to explain to me that dad cannot be around us whilst he is using heroin. That was 5 years ago and according to Mum, he is still a heroin addict.
I found it hard to understand why he walked out and left and never stayed in touch with me. But I grew to realize that it's his loss. I haven't told my Mum this but I have seen him roaming about town where I live and I avoid him because he looks awful and scruffy. I don't want my friends to know although they do know my dad left because he was on drugs, I don't want to point him out because I am embarrassed. I know he's my dad and all that but please, he's a heroin addict and well heroin addicts are the bottom of the pile when it comes to the general public's view on them. I still get pissed at him and I still think about him from time to time, but I am happy and healthy and have a great family around me. Imagine living a bum life on the scrounge for heroin and drugs all the time? It must be the pits and it has taught me one thing, do not do drugs! 
My dad went from a healthy man to a scrawny scruffy heroin addict who has no self respect or dignity. 
He is my dad though and I wouldn't be here without him. But that does not mean I like him and he is no father - he is a loser heroin addict who cannot live without that disgusting drug. From daughter of a heroin addict. (name supplied)