Heroin Addiction - From Anonymous T

Heroin Addiction 
My Dad is in prison because of his heroin addiction. 
I am 19 and not coping very well. 
My Mum said he was ill but I knew he was taking drugs because heroin addiction is something people are very aware of these days. 
He went to prison for armed robbery which as a result got Mum's house busted by the Police. I don't blame the Police because they have a job to do but the house was turned upside down.
Mum decided to tell me some home truths about my Dad and told me he tried to stop his heroin addiction but always went back on drugs. He isn't a bad person and never did me any harm but looking back now; he was always absent for a few weeks at a time and I was told he was working away. 
I would like to hear off any other teenagers my age who have a parent with an heroin addiction. 

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