Hi, I've just read the HMP Low Moss post? WTF? 
Am I right here? A bunch of sniffer dog prison jobsworth screws asked this visitor to "hand over the drugs" and it ends there? I'd have got my mobile phone and rang the newspaper and I'd have refused a search. In so many words; the drugs dog; a muted K9 convicted a person of carrying drugs? Haha, shame on you HMP! The person who was subjected to this degrading procedure and by the way was proved to be innocent should request that the sniffer dog is destroyed as a bad job! My opinion on this is; sue the prison service. Don't stop until you get the RIGHT answers and dirty what this shit hole stands for. Who runs the families visiting centre here? Get them involved; and name and shame the jobsworth in this operation. I wish you well and I am very sorry what this person has been subjected to.