I was visiting my son on 29th June this year.. I was accompanied by his girlfriend and 2 children aged 4 and 4 weeks. . To cut a long story short they had a big stop drugs iniative going on... my car was pulled over in the car park, they took my details checked my drivers licence and my criminal record.. all clear, when entering the facility they had sniffer dogs on the go, I was pulled aside, the dog had apparently detected drugs, I was taken aside questioned and searched, I insisted I do not do drugs.. I did not have any on my person, they took me outside in view of all visitors coming in, searched my car, told me to just hand over the drugs and it would end here.. I explained yet again I did not have any drugs.. they then took me to a local police office... strip searched me!! Made me pull my buttocks apart and bend over!! Obviously they found nothing.. I'm still traumatised!! Can they do this? I feel totally ashamed, and humiliated. I don't think I can face visiting my son now?? Can u advise me who I can complain to and is there any point?

Yours sincerely


Prison Widow Comment: It's amazing isn't it? They are still at it targeting the families of prisoners.
Tell you what HMP Low Moss, have a screw sweep and have them pull their buttocks apart!
Is there any point complaining? From my perspective yes and I'll push it as far as it can go. I will of course be informed that the sniffer dogs are highly trained and the rest of the proverbial bull shit. They're mutts, they can't speak. It's the same with the cadaver dogs, funnily enough Eddie and Keela were wrong in the MCcann saga. Same principal.
Anyway Mr Governor HMP Low Moss, you've got my email - an explanation please? And whilst your at it, I'll have one off head of the prison service too.