In Agreement With Prison Recall

Hi. I am an ex offender and to be fair I agree with Prison Widow about the recall system. 
It is laid out to you in black and white that if you breach probation or any court orders it is likely you go to prison. Licence, tag or com service are sentences imposed by the courts as an alternative route to a custodial sentence. The courts are trusting you to respect their decision therefore if you breach your community sentence without a sure reason, and don't forget, it's a simple phone call, then bye bye enjoy your stay in HMP. Surprisingly enough, I did breach my licence some years ago because I was stupid. It is stupidity not to attend your probation appointments because you are warned if you take the mickey; you are going to jail! I know there are some injustices with the recall thing and I have been on a wing with a few people who just should not have been recalled. Even the screws were shocked but those cases where clear cock-ups and poor communication issues between the client and the probation service. Human error may well be human error but it costs people their liberty and that is something that I do not agree with AND it is down to a probation officer, period.
I've settled in to the norm life now and have myself a job. It hasn't been an easy ride but prison is a mugs game so I've knocked the stupidity on the head. 
Thank you for providing a platform for families and ex-offenders to share their stories and to offload. Best wishes James.