Me and Heroin - from a blog reader

Hi to Prison Widow and blog readers. 
I would like to share my story.
I am an heroin addict and I have been a heroin addict for 25 years. I took my first hit of heroin at 22 and have been hooked ever since. I've been to prison over 9 times.
The people I care about the most; I have hurt; and my life has been a pathetic one. Smack heads are deluded and live in their own unrealistic bubble. The only time the bubble bursts is when you are dead. Drugs are available in prison so you are never 100% clean. 
Heroin addicts are ridiculed by society. I have seen people look at me with disgust and I have heard them call me a smack-rat; smack-head; bag-head and scruffy bastard. That doesn't bother me because heroin numbs both physical and mental pain. If sad life events happen; it's OK because I'll top up my veins. I don't experience pain because I am a heroin junkie. I am a human being without a soul. Let us not sugar coat it; heroin addicts are pathetic creatures. 
I live with my partner who is also a heroin addict. I was left a bit of inheritance money but once that runs out; she'll start shagging the local dealer or she'll put herself out on the street. We don't care about anyone or anything. Our priority is drugs. How does that make us human? We have a pulse; that's about it! 
When I think about my 2 sons; the one's I abandoned; I just top up my veins again. It takes the pain away. 
It all sounds too good to be true doesn't it but trust me; you don't want to become a heroin junkie. It's no life. The constant torment of having to chase your fix and head planning where and when you are going to get it is depressing. 
I watched Ben's Diary which is featured on your blog and the torment is there for all to see. Youngsters or anyone thinking about trying this beast - please don't. Please please stay away.