No More Cash Machine - From CC

Hello PW. Here is my story. I stood by my man in prison whilst he was serving a 3 and a half year sentence. 
He was and heroin addict and I thought I could save him. The best thing that could have happened was me kicking him out a few months after he got released. He hadn't changed, didn't want to and I was sick of being his cash machine. Underneath he is a good person but not when he is using heroin. Now I enjoy treating myself and have more money and more friends. My friends never visited me because my man would be nodding off to sleep or he'd be high. It gutted me to end it but I braved the storm and the sun started to shine. After some counselling I felt set free and blocked all contact with him. He brought me down to my lowest level and reflecting back I should have finished it when he went to prison but our human nature always gives someone another chance. 
I think heroin is an evil drug and a drug that transforms people in to shells. I think those that sell it should be locked away for years and I also think the sentencing on drug dealers is too soft. Drugs destroy life's, not only the addicts but the innocent families and kids that are affected by drug use.