Prison Recall UK

I get quite a few emails re: Prison recall, HDC breaches and Community order breaches. I don't agree with 'some' prison recalls but let's get one thing straight here; you miss more than one probation appointment without a valid reason or take the piss re: Home detention curfew and community service - you know the bus route! It's that simple. 
I remember someone creating holy-hell because there was a warrant out for his arrest. He missed probation appointments claiming he had simply forgotten but he was on licence and being on licence means you are serving the remainder of your sentence in the community. If you 'forget' and keep 'forgetting' with no valid reason; you deserve to be recalled to prison. Why jeopardise your liberty? 
I went to a '5 minute' probation appointment with someone not long ago and yes; it was farcical, but I would rather turn up for a '2 minute' probation appointment and skip going to HMP New Hall thank you very much! Why would I put my family through it because prison recall appeals are a ball-ache as you know. 
Now; I do know that some people have had a rough ride being recalled so please email me your stories/experiences. Remember you can remain anonymous.