Prison Visits Are Boring

Written by guest blogger Jo 

It is said that prisoners families serve sentences too but the sad and frustrating part about it is that many prisoners; especially repeat offenders; do not take their families in to consideration when choosing to go back inside. My husband is in prison and this is his third prison sentence. He loves our children? Well not enough to stay out of jail and no matter which way you look at it; you cannot sugar coat it because he continues to get himself locked up! Our kids are in their teens and he wonders why the prison visits are tailing off. They are becoming less frequent because teenagers have better things to do than visiting a father who keeps letting them down. They love their dad of course but the prison visiting saga is boring them. It's upsetting my husband that the kids cannot be bothered seeing him but I have come to the conclusion that it's not a bad thing. It upsets him - well it upsets our kids when he breaks the law and goes on his HMP holidays! I know some prisoners families won't like what I'm saying but I don't care because his too-ing and fro-ing in and out of prison is not acceptable and the kids have lost interest. Every time he screws up - our kids serve a sentence too!