I understand why the Low Moss story has angered people. It's infuriated me.
I get why prison's do the searches because for me; anyone; and I mean anyone; who has been convicted of a drugs related crime should not have access to drugs in jail otherwise why send them to bloody prison in the first place? It makes no sense. When families are supporting someone addicted to drugs and prison's are awash with them; it's a lost cause. It's like shipping an alcoholic off to live in a pub. If someone mugs a person or robs an house for money to fund their drug habit and is sent to prison only to be offered the same crap that landed them there in the first place; is disastrous for not only the victims of crime; but for the addicts themselves and their families who; let's have it right here; are encouraged by the system to maintain contact.
The problem I have and it's a problem that keeps rearing its ugly head is the humiliation and degrading treatment of innocent family members who are thrust in to situations that are inhumane and they are thrust in to it by a dog. Well no; it does not wash with me. 
Going back a few years, a dog indicated that I was guilty of carrying drugs. The dog handler was using a ''bouncing the ball'' technique which for me; was suspicious. The dog sat at the side of me and I was accosted by the handler. He explained (very nicely as it happens) that the dog was highly trained. I asked for its certificates and bent down to ask the dog what type of drug it indicated. Of course I got some stares and a few giggles off family members stood behind me; but I know my stuff so it was no big deal. 
I wasn't subjected to a humiliating strip search by the Police. I'd have refused unless I was arrested and in no uncertain terms I would have gone public and danced with the media. I don't do drugs; never have and certainly never will. I have experienced and seen the impact it has on families who are at their wits end praying and hoping that their loved ones kick their addictions. 
I get that drugs are smuggled in via visits but I have never accepted (and never will) that family visits are the ONLY way drugs are smuggled in to prison's. 
Just because there are people who go by the names of: Prison Officers, Legal Representatives, Probation Officers and whoever else is in a position of trust; does not mean that a person in a position of trust is trustworthy. There are a lot of professional people locked up for various crimes. It makes no odds who you are. 
Prisoners families however seem to be targeted. Family visits are always made examples of when prison's do their sweeps. Families are always featured on documentaries that show footage of wives, partners and so on; passing drugs over to prisoners during visits. No one can argue with it because those people were found to be guilty. 
On the basis of those documentaries; innocent people like you and I are under suspicion the very moment we step inside a prison. 
The Prison Service will say that their staff are searched but of course that procedure will be an hush hush one. I don't know how thorough their prison officers are searched; I haven't the foggiest idea but I do know that we won't see it on a documentary and if we do.. I want royalties please! 
Are sniffer dogs out when legal visits take place? I don't know because I'm not a legal representative. What I do know is this; I have never ever had an email off any professional person saying that they have had to squat and part their buttocks in a Police station because a sniffer dog indicated that they were carrying drugs on them. Funny that isn't it? I've plenty of professionals following me over on Twitter but to date; none of them have been in touch with me to say that they have been humiliated and degraded during a legal visit. Very odd! 

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