Probation Service Has Gone to the Dogs - From Mick

I came across a post about Probation and wish to comment.
I am an ex-prisoner. I went in to prison years ago and stayed out of trouble for a long time. Things happened and I have just finished a stint inside. 
When I was released from prison years ago, I can honestly say that my probation officer was a probation officer and he got me back on my feet.
Sorry but no offence; my current probation officer is not good. I don't know all the politics about changes to the system but whoever has done it has failed with a big capital F. It isn't probation anymore, it is a building where I sign on which prevents me from being recalled. There is no support and I see different probation officers all the time. There is no consistency and and this is no good for youth offenders or any offender for that matter. The service has gone to the dogs for a better word.