Probation Service

I recently stumbled across a post in relation to the probation service.
The Probation Service, from my understanding, is a service that supervises offenders. 
I am also in agreement that the service has gone to the dogs. But I don't blame the probation officers. 
The Gov claim that the crime rate has lowered. Who are they kidding lol! 
The crime rate has soared and when the crime rate soars, so does the work load of a probation officer. 
I'm an old skool ex convict and in my heart of hearts, I have been supported by some brilliant probation officers. I wouldn't say any of them changed my life because only I could do that, but they guided me on the right path. 
I am mentoring an ex youth offender at the moment and I recently attended a probation appointment with him. I will be brutally honest; it was a waste of time. All it did was secure his liberty and the youth walked away with nothing more. 
I thought it was painful to see because his probation officer showed no interest. Perhaps he was having a bad day, feeling stressed and over-worked, I can't answer that but what I will say is that the probation service need to change the way they are supervising offenders. The services are no longer under the same roof. The lad I mentor is sent to all sorts of appointments with other agencies and there has been a huge breakdown in communication. Lack of communication and errors can result in someone being recalled to prison when they shouldn't have been and you can argue all you like - the probation service screw up because other agencies screw up and there are mix-ups. It's not good. 
We are supposed to be evolving but the system is going backwards. Apologies if I have offended people but the whole shebang is dire.