Revealed: How prisoners use drones to smuggle drugs into London prison

Inmates are managing to use drones to smuggle drugs into Pentonville prison because broken windows are not being repaired, a watchdog warned today. Staff were making “every effort” to stop drugs and “other contraband” from getting in, said the Independent Monitoring Board for the London jail. But it warned that their attempts were “like holding a hand up against the incoming tide” because “dilapidated” windows had made most of the prison “porous” to the streets outside. It said drones were being “steered to ledges outside broken windows” to bring drugs in. Illicit substances were also being “hauled up on lines” and inmates were further exploiting the prison’s tatty state by passing drugs and banned mobile phones between cells. The board said replacing “the 100 worst windows” could make “a big difference” in countering the flow and criticised ministers for failing to ensure contractors did the repairs, despite the problem being known for two years.