Prison (HMP) saved my life - from 'Anna'

As an ex offender I would like to share my experience with your readers. 
I was addicted to crack cocaine and the consequences of my actions resulted in a stint in HMP. 
Going to prison saved my life and despite what anyone says; if I'd have waited for my referral at the drugs clinic; I might not be here today. 
It's not the drug clinics fault. They have waiting lists as long as their arms and many drug addicts are dead before their first appointment. The country is crawling with illegal substances because the country is depressed. Where I live in the north of England; suicide is rife as are drug overdoses and deaths related to drugs. I am not saying that doom and gloom is a reason to take drugs; it isn't; but I personally know quite a few people who have been failed by the mental health service.
Prison saved my life and I remember my Mum telling me she was glad I was locked up. I didn't take too kindly to that but now I understand where she was coming from. She would rather have a living daughter than one buried six foot under. 
Whilst I was serving my sentence; I had a lot of time to think about things.
I'd been crying out for help on the out but had to join a long list of people in front of me. The only; and I mean only way I am here today is courtesy of the prison service who gave me more support than what I would have got on the out. How is that morally right? I even contemplated sending the prison a thank you card because I could not fault them at all. I was looked after and I lived with girls who had experienced similar circumstances to mine. 
I wouldn't recommend intentionally getting yourself banged up but what is the government playing at when someone receives better care and support in prison? Again I am not saying that prison's should subject anyone to poor treatment but going to prison saved me. It sounds very bizarre but that is the truth of the story.