Prison; Homelessness and Heroin - From Sister of Addict

Hi Prison Widow UK. Love your site!
My brother is homeless and our family feel terrible. But; he left us with no choice. 
He has recently been released from prison and within literally ten minutes of being released, he was asking to use my mobile phone to score heroin! 
Before he was arrested and committed to prison; his drug habit ruined our family and the stress put my Mum in hospital. She was very poorly.
Four days after he was released from prison he was using heroin actively again so his bags were packed. Living with someone on hard drugs is the pits. I cannot begin to tell you what he did to his own family just to get high. When it resorts to stealing a ring off his grandmothers finger whilst she lay in her coffin; the streets as far as I am concerned; are his home. 
If; and heroin is a beast to fight; he stops using with professional help; he will be welcomed home. If he continues to use; he stays on the street because heroin is not wiping out our family and for this drug to hospitalize family members who do not use it; as hard as it sounds; he will have to survive out there without our help. He has had endless opportunities to go to rehab but he refuses. He isn't killing my Mum through stress so until he hits his bottom and to be frank I don't know how low he can get; our family has had to let him go. 
The support in the UK for families of prisoners with substance misuse issues is dire. Families of prisoners require support upon release from prison; not when their loved one goes in to prison!