The War on Drugs - by a Mother

Please keep my name anonymous thank you.
My heart broke when I read the post about a family who really did not have any option but to detach from their drug addicted son to save their own sanity. The decision must have been a very very tough one.
My son was also in and out of prison because of drug related crime. He passed away last year of an heroin and methadone overdose.
The UK Government are slacking on the so called '''war on drugs'''. The UK Government have never taken drastic steps and the situation is getting worse. The drug scene is getting way out of hand. Is this the UK Governments way of slashing the population? I think so. 
The Police in my area have practically given up but they are banging their heads against numerous brick walls and as quick as the courts lock up a dealer; the next one is on the streets killing people. Drug dealers are killers. The sentences are too soft and the drugs they sell are illegal so it burns me inside when filth are imprisoned for 3 years for street dealing and as soon as they are released they are back flogging the poison again. My son served more prison sentences than the dealers because he stole and did some nasty things to pay for his drugs. 
People dabbling in hard drugs think they can control it but the sad fact is; the drug takes them and the loving person you once knew is riddled with a substance they eventually need to take just to function. It is a sad state of affairs and as for the '''war on drugs'', the UK Government are talking through their backsides!