Under the influence of dogs - By Alison Henderson AKA Prison Widow UK

I thought the insanity had stopped; but it hadn’t. I thought inhumane treatment of prisoners families had evolved to that of being looked upon with respect; I am deluded. My blog, Prison Widow UK, is a busy one. I’d taken a few years off but I’m back and so is the platform for prisoner’s families and ex-offenders. I’m an independent bird, I don’t belong to a charity or organisation; I do my own stuff. One thing I refuse to do is paint pretty colours over grey areas. It may well look better, but the ‘grey’ is still lying dormant underneath the surface. I tend to leave it grey until someone else lightens the colour and changes take place. A few weeks ago, I received an email from a person who had been to visit her son in HMP Low Moss; Scotland. The prison had a drugs intervention going on and visitors were searched by the Police and prison officers. I get that; because the top and bottom of it is; there shouldn’t be drugs in prison. My ex-partner was sentenced to 7 years in prison for a drugs related crime. He robbed a store high on heroin and Diazepam. What was the point in visiting him and supporting him to become a good father and citizen when he was using the same substances in prison that got him in there in the first place? How can the system play the ‘rehabilitation’ ball when there is no linesman? My ex completed some excellent courses whilst in prison – but he was still a junkie and actively using heroin whilst in there. It was a waste of time, money and resources in my opinion because he was released from prison as an active drug addict. The courts may as well not have bothered locking him up.