When it's time to say; enough is enough

My partner has been sent down for the 4th time. It is time to say enough is enough because I cannot do this anymore. Me and my son deserve better.
I have supported him; visited him; enabled him and looked after him when he has been locked up. 
This is the 4th sentence and no more.
It is all well and good that organisations promote contact when a loved one is sent to prison but there comes a time when my health and well-being takes priority over his choices and his choices have been bad ones. 
I am supposed to be his partner; we are supposed to be a family unit but I no longer want HMP in my life. I have served my time and our son has served his time as sad as that sounds so I have gone no contact and ended our relationship. I have read some stories on your blog and they have helped me to understand that I am not alone. Thank you. From AJ