Addicted to the addict - from Heather

Hi. Before my man was sent to jail I had 3 years of sheer hell because he was an addict. I loved him but I was an enabler and enabler's they say are addicted to the addict!! I agree with Prison Widow that some family members have been traumatized way before their loved one was sent to jail and for me it was a relief when my man was sent to jail because his addiction made me very ill. 
I was also petrified when his release date neared because I dreaded him going back on drugs but he never had come off the drugs because he was at it in prison. 
My man died of an overdose cocktail last year and I am still devastated. I went to see him in his coffin and I shouted at him, ''how dare you leave me and your son for a £10.00 bag of drugs!! The Government do not give a sh*t and the so called war on drugs is a farce!! I so hate drugs!! Thank you all for talking about this subject because it is important.