Back to square one after prison release - from YH

That little kid in the back of the car looking on as his parents were smacked up broke my heart. 
My sister is in prison and was charged with a drugs offence. Our family have tried and tried to help her but after years of trying we have finally accepted that she is the only one who can sort herself out. 
I love my sister but I do not like what she has become. Everything about her changed when heroin took over her body and mind. 
She was always a responsible kid and she used to look down at drug addicts. Yes she is now riddled with a disease but she acquired her illness through bad choices. My daughter is 15, she is educated as far as drugs are concerned and she has seen the consequences of heroin addiction with her aunt. If she makes the choice years down the line to use smack then she has made the worst choice ever. I agree that addiction is an illness but I also think it is an illness purely by choice. Heroin addiction is a hard one to beat and not many do it. 
My sister is still using drugs in prison so sending her there to teach her a lesson hasn't worked and won't work when she is released because she will be back to square one when she's out. The Government are all head set on obesity and stopping smoking but where drugs are concerned, its almost like they couldn't care less. It's a crazy world that's for sure!