Bipolar and Prison - By EFT

I read with interest the post (below) about someone's partner (with mental health problems) being recalled to prison. 
I have Bipolar disorder. I will have manic episodes and episodes where I will not get out of bed. 
Prison's (the system) do not ''get'' mental health.
If you met me on a manic episode you would have me down as being overly friendly and great to be around. If you met me on my low, you would have me down as being suicidal! I have struggled for years with the illness. It isn't nice. 
If someone rattles my cage, I can snap and what projects out of my mouth is nasty. When I'm great, I'm great! I haven't been in prison but if someone does not understand Bipolar, and especially in prison, the disorder could very well get you in deep trouble and through no fault of your own. My partner (ex) has been in prison because of crimes he committed connected with his drug use. He got help in prison and every time he was ill doing his rattle, it was accepted - but no one ''gets'' the mental thing! I have randomly come out with things I absolutely do not mean. My family understand but people in general think I'm rude. I'm not rude. I have a condition that makes me this way. For a better word, I am 2 people. No matter how many celebs come out and talk about mental health, there is still a massive stigma. It angers me. Lots of things are accepted in this day and age now - but mental health is still hush hush and taboo. To say it winds me up is an understatement! By EFT