Children affected by drugs - from David

Prison Widow talks a lot of sense! 
If you have lived around someone who uses drugs; you can spot other drug addicts a mile off! 
The Government aren't being honest about the drug issue in this country. I'm not a drug addict but my partner started using crack a few years ago and went to prison for drug offences. This poor choice of hers had a disastrous emotional impact on our young daughter who goes to school and gets called crack-head girl. The bullying got so bad she nearly took her own life. She had a great mum who became a sad crack addict and if drug addicts even knew the half of what they put their families through they would never live with themselves which is exactly why they use more drugs to numb both the emotional and physical pain. We on the other hand have to feel the pain every day because we don't do drugs! Our daughter visited her Mum in prison and stayed in touch maintaining these so called family ties but it didn't reduce re-offending because as soon as her Mum got out of prison she went straight back on the crack pipe! My daughter does not see her Mum anymore. She deserves better than a crack addict and needn't be around someone who uses drugs whether it is her Mum or not.