Disgusting Heroin - From Saz

Hi to blog readers! :-) 
I honestly could not believe my eyes when I saw the heroin OD couple on the news!
The poor poor child! I'm sorry but come on.. where is this universal war on drugs? 
This has to stop and I don't know about the rest of your readers but in my area... the drug situation is getting way out of hand!
I left my husband because he did not want to quit this beast (heroin) and the inevitable happened.. he got an abscess and died. The photo (right) knocked me physically sick and I am disgusted every time I see a junkie slither past me in the street. I hate heroin and I have a good reason to hate it. It destroys life's and it destroys families. Dealers should be locked up for life because they are selling illegal substances that are killing people. There is an outcry when anyone with a terminal illness wishes to die with dignity by ending their life's yet this situation (drugs) will continue to take life's every day and the Governments and the criminal justice systems aren't clamping down. It is sickening..
Imagine what that poor child was seeing in his home? How many times has his parents shot up heroin and gone over (OD) right before his eyes? Perhaps now the child will have a better life away from the world of drugs... 
Just look at the state of them! Pitiful!