Drug test prisoners before a visit - from Heidi

Excellent top post by Prison Widow! 
When a drug addict goes to rehab, they do not see their families for months! I did not, in fact was not allowed to see my man for 14 weeks. Yes I was allowed phone calls but I did not see or visit him and that is exactly how it should be. 
When he went to prison, he was using drugs whilst he was in there and when I found this out, there was no way on earth I intended to maintain these so called family ties by wiping his butt and mollycoddling him. I went through all that previously and I put his prison needs before mine and my children's. I think for some families visiting is productive but sorry, a repeat offender who is an addict and remains an addict in prison I think families should stay away until that person grows up and intends to change. I once took my daughter to see her dad in prison and his eyes were pinned up meaning he'd had a toot of whatever before our visit. My daughter does not need to be around a father who takes drugs, be it out here or banged up in prison. Good on you girl for saying it as it is! In fact, prisoners should be drug tested before a visit and if they test positive, the prison service should cancel their visit! Drugs should not be available in prison, simple as. It's a farce! From Heidi.