It's all about the money - from ex prisoner Danny

Prison Widow.. I get you and I agree with you. I am an ex prisoner and while the prisons are making efforts regarding families and family day visits etc.. the root of the problem is still there.
I have seen young children colouring in pictures on visits with their dads and I knew for a fact that their dads were not of sound mind and that they had used drugs before seeing their families on visits. You know as well as I do they will never drug test prisoners before a visit. They should because like you say.. it makes a mockery out of the whole system when drug abuse is why they are in there in the first place but it is all about money Prison Widow.
They will not legalise heroin.. but they have legalised a potion called Narcan that reverses an opiate overdose.. so basically if you go over smacked up and someone is lucky enough to give you a shot of Narcan.. you can dance merrily and smack yourself up all day long. It's a money making racket and prisons are businesses... it's a business like everything else in this world today. Good post though.. From Danny