It's a prison brain wash tactic - By Prison Widow Global

The Government agree that prison visiting reduces re-offending. Now I won't blame the charities or orgs for promoting this ridiculous concoction because the Government pump flowery info in to them- but let us not put flowers on it.
Drug testing before a prison visit is a deterrent but if this was a scheme introduced when I visited my ex, I'd have wasted a ton of money travelling because his eyes were near on always pinned when I saw him on a visit. Terrible isn't it? Which is why the prison service need to get a grip. 
Many children - and I mean many children, are affected by substance misuse. You've read it here on my blog - a child is bullied at school because other kids are calling his dad a smack-head and so forth. 
Let me give you a true account of what prisoners children go through shall I:

1) Their parent or both parents are addicted to drugs.
2) One or both parents are convicted of a drug related crime.
3) They are sent to prison! 
4) They continue to use drugs in prison! 
5) The Government urge prisoners families to maintain ties. 
6) A child visits Mum or Dad in prison who has just had a toot of heroin. 
7) Is this a real case scenario? 
8) You can bet your bottom dollar it is! 

Why should any child visit a parent in prison who is still abusing drugs? Why? 
In society, children who are bought up around addiction have a rough deal and society, let's have it right, tut and blow and social services are never away from the families doorstep - but here's the funny thing - if their drug addicted parent is banged up in the British system and is still using illegal substances inside - let's push the children and families to maintain 'family' ties? Pardon my French but it is the biggest load of bollocks and anyone who honestly believes that maintaining family ties reduces re-offending works, email me with proven statistics and not doctored ones please. ;-)