Maghaberry Prison staff 'watched' as inmate blinded himself

Prison staff who watched but failed to intervene as a mentally ill prisoner blinded himself and injured his groin area have been strongly criticised. A report by NI's Prisoner Ombudsman has said Sean Lynch inflicted "extreme and shocking" self-harm over three days. The 23-year-old was held in Maghaberry Prison, a high security jail. Mr Lynch's father said the recommendations in the report offered "no comfort." The report said on the final day, two prison officers watched as he injured himself on more than 20 occasions in an "ordeal" that lasted for over an hour. 'Crying in pain'Prison officers "directly observed" the inmate for more than a quarter of the time, the report added.CCTV cameras showed Sean Lynch shouting and crying in pain and banging his cell door, but the officers did not try to stop him.