Mental Health and Prison Recall

I would like to remain anonymous, please. My partner was recalled to prison 6 months ago for breaching his SOPO during a psychotic episode ( he has bipolar disorder). He really needs to see a psychiatrist about his medication because it clearly isn't working as well as it used to (he had not had an episode like that for more than 5 years), but, although 2 appointments have been made for him by Mental Health Services at the prison, each time the psychiatrist has failed to turn up. When this happens, there is no explanation and he has to put in a complaint about it to try and get another one arranged. I really don't understand how it can be so difficult, or how else he can get the help he needs. He needs his medication reviewing and sorting to get him stabilised. How on earth do they think he is going to manage his behaviour and reduce his risk of offending while he is like this? It's as if the judicial, prison and probation services all completely ignore the mental health aspects of a person's offending. If the impact of drug and alcohol dependency can be understood to impact behaviour, why can’t they understand that a serious mental illness will? Regards from Anonymous.