My Codependency - From Kelly Anne

Hello to all.
When I read Sean's post, it hit me hard.
I tried so hard to help my addict partner quit drugs that I feel a fool and embarrassed. It was a massive learning curve and I learnt the hard way. 
My partner, now ex partner, was using heroin and smoked weed. He lied, manipulated me, stole from me and cheated. Even though I knew he was lying through his back teeth, I believed his lies! It sounds crazy but I was so co dependant I just went along with it. Looking back on things now I feel so dumb I was taken in by it all but it happened and I cannot turn back the clock. My partner was always getting in to trouble and the Police were always knocking on my door. I was with him for four years and he served 2 prison sentences. I hated visiting him in prison but felt it was my duty as a partner. I just did not want to be in that situation but poor me thought I could change him. I couldn't and I didn't because he was a drug addict. As far as I know he still is and I have heard he is in prison again.
Thank you Sean for sharing your experience. It really is all down to the individual to change. Families cannot do it for them! Best wishes to all, Kelly Anne.