Prison isn't that bad Mum - From Anon

Hi, I would like my name and details to remain anonymous please. 
My son is in prison for the 2nd time and is addicted to heroin and legal highs. I read the post ''back to square one'' and this is exactly how I feel. 
My son admitted he used drugs during his last sentence so when he was released; within a matter of hours; if that; he was scoring drugs again off his local dealer. A few months down the line he got in to trouble and was recalled to prison. His prison sentence was a pointless exercise. He was convicted of burglary and the victims were happy he was sent to prison. That's fair enough; he deserved to go to prison but he was still getting his hands on the drugs which got him in there in the first place so it was pointless. There was absolutely no lesson learnt whatsoever. 
I read stories about drones being used to ship drugs in to prison, families smuggling drugs, prison officers smuggling drugs, and it angers me. 
I visit my son, reluctantly might I add, and he is fine. He never looks down or fed up and the scary thing is, he says he's fine and there's some top lads in there! My view is, as soon as my son gets off the prison van, he is immediately being set up to fail. He has become a cash cow for the prison service and I have no doubt he will earn them more money because this will not be his last prison sentence. There;s no deterrent, he's said it himself, ''prison isn't that bad Mum so don't worry about me!''