Prisoners and families set up from the word go - from Kerry

I left my daughters dad when he relapsed for the third time on heroin. 
I actually do not agree with maintaining family ties with a drug addict. That is my opinion because my ex used in prison anyway so no matter how you slice it, paint it or dress it up; the system is setting both the prisoners and their families up from the word go. There are drugs in prison and you cannot compete with heroin. If you think you can change an heroin addict and cure them; you are deluded. 
Our daughter is the victim in all this. She is 8 years of age and she doted on her dad. He is a waste of breath and I know I have done the right thing turning my back on him. 
No offence; but I sometimes think that those campaigning on behalf of prisoners families think some of us are thick. Try standing by a junkie back and forth visiting prisons and try dealing with the hassle of of relapse when they get released from prison - but there's no relapse guys; because drug addicts in prison never came of the smack in the first place! 
When they first go in, yes, but they skulk around on the wings skiving and conniving who's got what. They make me sick to be quite truthful with you because they could not give a toss about their families; especially their children. Junkies are bad news.