Prisoners families are being fooled - by Guest Blogger

Contribution from Guest Blogger 

So the Government; organisations, charities and companies promote maintaining family ties helps to reduce re-offending - oh really? Considering that my partner (who comes from a close loving family) is a prolific offender; any tips on what we as a family are doing wrong?
We visit him; we make sure he has enough money; we clothe him and we are always there for him - why does he spend more time in prison than he does at home?
I have no intentions of tip-toeing through the tulips with this one because quite simply I think all this maintaining family ties talk is a load of rubbish! Let's face it; if families of prisoners don't go through to the visiting rooms; HMP and those are privatized do not make money - prison is a lucrative business and families contribute to the profits.
I have met lots of family members I have seen before and their loved ones seem to prefer prison to home also so as far as I am concerned; we are being used as a bloody excuse to justify a failing system. Don't be fooled!