Prisoners families are set up to fail - From Evie

Dear Prison Widow Global. Hi there and hello to your blog readers.
If I may I would like to make a comment about your recent post regarding prison visits, drugs and families.
I understand exactly where you are coming from but for me; the real maintaining family ties starts when the person is released from prison! The reason why my partner was sent away to prison was because he had a drug problem and that led to him doing something stupid. 
I visited him and took our daughter and sometimes, not every time, I knew he had been taking something because when you have lived with someone who has a drug problem, you just know. From my personal experience and I am grateful to the prison for organising family visits, the real hard work starts on release from prison. If a person still has a drugs problem when they are released from prison; how have I contributed to reducing re-offending by visiting him in prison when he is coming home STILL a drug addict? Prisoners families should be focusing on family resettlement AFTER release because trust me; prison visiting is the EASIEST part of this journey! If drugs are still swimming their way around the prisons; everyone, families and prisoners are simply just being set up to fail right from the onset! Fantastic blog by the way and I am a regular reader!